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Kaiser Motors Corporation, oprindelig Kaiser-Frazer, fremstillede biler i Willow Run, Michigan, USA. Kaiser Motors er stiftet af Henry Kaiser i 1945, og samme år startede man produktion af Jeep. I 1953 fusionerede man med Willys-Overland, og al produktion blev flyttet til Willys fabrik i Toledo, Ohio. Det nye selskab skiftede navn til Kaiser Jeep Co. i 1963, som igen blev en del af AMC i 1970. AMC blev opkøbt af Renault i 1983, som igen blev solgt til Chrysler i 1987, senere en del af Daimler-Chrysler, og i dag en del af Fiat-koncernen.

Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Kaiser Permanente Weight Management Researcher

Stephanie Fitzpatrick has struggled with obesity all her life, but when she started counseling others to make lifestyle and behavior changes, she realized that she needed to make some of the same changes to improve her own health. Fitzpatrick’s personal struggles have made her a better researcher and helped her relate to the people she studies.

Bobbi Jo Yarborough, Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Researcher

Bobbi Jo Yarborough is passionate about improving health care for people with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders. She wants providers and the public to know that patients can recover, and that recovery looks different for each person.

Conoce tu riesgo de padecer de cáncer de ovario | Kaiser Permanente

Tu historial familiar puede tener un gran impacto en tu salud. Es importante conocer tu riesgo para tener un futuro saludable.

Late Summer Salad Recipe | Kaiser Permanente

Light and easy, this late summer salad is perfect for those lazy, warm days. Recipe from our Food for Health blog: For more recipes, visit:

Ensalada De Verano | Kaiser Permanente

Ligera y fácil de preparar, esta ensalada de verano es perfecta para un día cálido:

Roasted Sweet Potato Medley Recipe | Kaiser Permanente

Celebrate the start of the season with the perfect side dish - a roasted sweet potato medley from our Food for Health blog: For more recipes, visit:

Mezcla De Camotes Horneados | Kaiser Permanente

Dale la bienvenida al otoño con el acompañante perfecto - camotes y papas al horno. Receta:

Guisado De Mariscos Al Estilo Liguria | Kaiser Permanente

Este guiso de mariscos es ligero, sabroso, y se puede preparar en menos de una hora:

Ligurian Seafood Stew | Kaiser Permanente

This Mediterranean seafood stew is light, flavorful, and can be easily prepared in less than an hour. Try this recipe from our Food For Health blog: For more recipes, visit:

Pan vegano de calabaza y chips de chocolate | Kaiser Permanente

¡Calabaza, calabaza, este pan dulce le encantará a todos en casa! Prueba esta receta en preparación para Halloween:

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Quick Bread Recipe

Pumpkins are not just for carving! Try this Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Quick Bread from our Food For Health blog. They're scary good!

Kaiser Permanente Member Seeks Help From Therapist to Leave Abusive Relationship | Kaiser Permanente

Lynnette Bowens Varela met her now-ex-husband when she was just 15. She fell in love with him quickly, and she fell hard. But soon after they got married, he flipped a switch. He hit her for the first time when she was pregnant with their first child, and soon, it became a daily occurrence.

She credits her Kaiser Permanente therapist for helping her work up the courage to finally leave her husband of 22 years.

For more care stories, visit:

Cancer Survivor Day Event | Kaiser Permanente

Whether patients are coping with the diagnosis, facing the challenges of treatment or worrying about a recurrence, emotions brought on by cancer can be difficult to handle. Every year, we welcome more than 10,000 Kaiser Permanente survivors to Cancer Survivor Day to share their strength and support. Watch and share their amazing stories. For more information, go to

Diljeet Singh, MD, Discusses How Kaiser Permanente Uses Technology To Improve Cancer Treatment

From video visits with your physician to apps that help you manage your care to robotic surgery, Kaiser Permanente uses technology to improve healthcare experiences. Watch Kaiser Permanente’s Dr. Diljeet Singh explain how using surgical robots enables doctors to operate on early stage tumors and on tumors close to sensitive organs, with less recovery time for the patient. For more information, go to

Oncologist Dr. Leon Hwang On Treating Breast Cancer | Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente doctors coordinate with cancer care teams and develop therapies for each patient. Watch chief of medical oncology, Dr. Leon Hwang, explain why beating cancer takes a team. Visit to learn more about how Kaiser Permanente offers coordinated care that results in the best possible outcomes for our members.

Breast Cancer Survivor Heidi Hayes | Kaiser Permanente

A new cancer diagnosis can seem overwhelming, and the stress can make important treatment decisions even more difficult. Kaiser Permanente’s team of oncologists and caregivers support you every step of the way. Don’t just take it from us; watch Heidi’s story. Visit to learn how Kaiser Permanente's physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies work together to provide quality care.

Dr. Timothy Kim on Treating Cancer of the Urologic Organs

Meet Kaiser Permanente’s Timothy Kim, MD. Dr. Kim is a urologic oncologist who works with teams of physicians and oncologists to create a treatment plan designed for each patient. Watch Dr. Kim discuss how Kaiser Permanente offers excellent care from the area’s top doctors to our members. For more information, go to

Meet Kaiser Permanente Santa Cruz Physician Joyce Orndorff, MD | Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente will soon be able to serve our members in Santa Cruz County. In January 2017, we’ll be opening medical offices in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and Watsonville. Our members will have access to Kaiser Permanente’s high-quality, coordinated primary and specialty care, as well as laboratory services, x-rays, pharmacy, urgent care, and more.
For more information, please visit

Kaiser Permanente Care Team Member Helps Young Woman Newly Diagnosed With MS

Chelsea Reeverts, a newly engaged and otherwise healthy young woman, was in for a shock when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). She didn’t know much about MS or how it would affect her and her fiancé’s plans to start a family. But Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Nikki Hahn, PharmD, helped her figure out how to manage this disease through her new medications. “It's a balance between appropriately treating her disease and keeping in mind her life plans.” "I feel like I have a partner in this,” said Chelsea. For more care stories, visit:

Diabetes Wellness Day | Kaiser Permanente

Find your strength in numbers at Diabetes Wellness Day. Mark your calendar for October 22 to meet with physicians, diabetes educators and nurses who will help members live healthier lives. Kaiser Permanente members can register at #DiabetesWellnessDay

Cáncer de seno entre las mujeres Hispanas | Kaiser Permanente Viva Bien

La detección temprana del cáncer de seno salva vidas, pero muchas mujeres Latinas son diagnosticadas cuando el cancer ya está avanzado. Kaiser Permanente está liderando estudios e iniciativas en diferentes estados para reducir la detección tardía.

Depresión perinatal | Kaiser Permanente Viva Bien

Kaiser Permanente en California está ayudando a aumentar el conocimiento y el diagnóstico de la depresión en pacientes embarazadas con un programa que está viendo resultados positivos. (Enlace en Ingles)

Real Talk about the Flu Vaccine | Kaiser Permanente

Are you ready for flu season? The flu is more serious than the common cold. It can cause illness, hospitalization, even death. Here’s how you can protect yourself and everyone around you — so you’re ready to battle the flu and win. As a Kaiser Permanente member, you can get the flu shot at no cost at our facilities or our flu shot clinics. Visit: for more information.

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