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SSC er en amerikansk producent af super sportsvogne. SSC er også kendt som Shelby Super Cars. SSC er stiftet i 2004 og startede produktion i 2006. Seneste nye bil er Ultimate Aero XT med 6,9 liters motor med 1300 HK.

Jean Todt thanks the Mier community

President of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), Jean Todt, thanks the Mier community for their hard work and dedication in preparing the Hakskkenpan, ready for land speed racing.

Geely announced as new lead partner for The BLOODHOUND Project

Geely announced as new lead partner for BLOODHOUND Project, takes 1,000mph (1,600kph) education inspiration programme across Asia.

New deal is largest in the Project’s history and plan right on track for World Land Speed Record challenge in 2017.

An introduction to The BLOODHOUND Project

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GEELY - BLOODHOUND's New Lead Partner

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH) has joined the BLOODHOUND Project, as it's Prime Sponsor and Official Automotive Partner in a 3-year agreement.

BLOODHOUND Supersonic First Record Attempt: October 2017

On October 15th 1997 Andy Green went supersonic in Thrust SSC and set a new World Land Speed Record of 763.035 mph (1277.98 km/h). Twenty years on ...

BLOODHOUND SSC makes World Debut

On September 24th 2015 at an event in London’s Canary Wharf, The BLOODHOUND Project revealed the world’s fastest and most advanced racing car: BLOODHOUND SSC. The product of eight years of research, design and manufacturing, involving over 350 companies and universities, the car is the centre-piece of a free exhibition, booked out within days of being announced, with 8000 people coming to see the Land Speed Racer.

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Introducing the 1,000mph BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car
The BLOODHOUND Project is an international education initiative focussed around a 1,000 mph jet and rocket powered car. The primary aim is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by sharing the adventure with the widest possible audience. Over 7000 schools have signed up the use the BLOODHOUND Education Programme in their classrooms.

The vehicle itself is a showcase for high technology design and engineering, utilising both composite materials, metallics and traditional aircraft manufacturing techniques.

Fly through the 1,000mph BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car

BLOODHOUND SSC is a Land Speed Racing Car designed to inspire a generation to study science and engineering and set a World Land Speed Record of 1,000mph. It includes a cluster of Nammo hybrid rocket engines which have a Jaguar powered fuel pump lubricated by Castrol EDGE, Parker assisted airbrakes and a Eurojet EJ200 jet engine.


BLOODHOUND SSC uses an astonishing 30,000 rivets in its construction, but how have they developed over the centuries they've been used? [with music by Al Lethbridge]

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