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Yugo er oprindelig et jugoslavisk bilmærke, ejet af Zastava Automobiles. Bilmærket Yugo blev benyttet på en række eksportmarkeder. Bilens originale navn er Zastava Koral, og den første model (Yugo45) var en Jugoslavisk kopi af Fiat 127, og blev bygget i 1978. Produktionen blev opretholdt til 2008, hvo Yugo ophørte som mærke under Zastava.


Half a 87 Yugo

Found in a American back yard was this, a chopped up Yugo, the front half sits on blocks of wood. Not to sure why someone would do this really, a shame.

Engine-less 1987 Yugo GV

A Yugo project car with no engine. Could be a good candidate for a restoration as it has the $1000 air conditioning option and a near new stereo.

1985 Belgrade Fair - Zastava Yugo Stand

Heaps of Yugo's on display in Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1985.

Yugo's Aren't That Bad! - Speech - Zastava & Yugo Cars

Hi, I'm Sam, the creator of this channel. Firstly this weekend I reached 225 subscribers! Thank you to every single one of you, I never thought the channel would get this far. Anyway this is a speech for College, thank you to my amazing Mother for filming this. I hope to start some blogs etc soon, sorry you only see my face now, not a huge cameras person :)

1985 Yugo Commercial

More freedom for less money - Yugo.

1988 Yugo GV - Shed Car

Another Yugo that's sat untouched for a while. Though with a bit of elbow grease it would go back on the road easily, and maybe a slight polish...

1987 Yugo GV - Nugget Gold & 30K Miles

This one has sat in a garden for a few years. Saying that it only has 30000 original miles and the interior is immaculate.

1987 Yugo GV That's Sat For 15 Years

Rotting away in a american yard. Only 68,000 miles and apparently has not moved in at least 15 years.

Yugo Florida 1.3 EFI in The Netherlands

Very tidy and original Florida. You wouldn't expect its travelled so many kms too.

355TH Video Special - 1986 Yugo GV With Less Than 100 Miles

This car was purchased new from Thomas Yugo and used for a year or two before being looked away on a barn in a estate. The estate was later sold and so was the car. It is a Nugget Gold car (rare Yugo colour) with options such as a Sunroof & AM/FM Radio. The car has such low mileage and because of this is in amazing condition. See original dealer documents near the end of the video. Also thank you for almost 200 subscribers!

Zastava Documentary

A rare look inside the Zastava factory in the mid 2000's before everything wrapped up in late 2008.

Some of the last Yugo's - 2008 Belgrade Auto Show

2008 was the last year Yugo was in production, this video consists of photos from Zastava's 2008 Belgrade Auto Show stand. These were some of the last ...

1989 Yugo 55A - Under Carriage Pictures

After owning my Yugo for 2 years, i thought i haven't had a proper look underneath the vehicle and taken some pictures. Enjoy

2002 Yugo Koral 1.3 EFI

Very lovely Yugo with a electronic fuel injected engine. Great interior too, updated & tidy.

Impeccable 1989 Yugo 45A (UK)

This 45A is amazing! Owned by a friend who also has a 55A & 511. You don't see Yugo's like this anymore.

2008 Zastava Yugo Promotional Video

A promotional video for some of the last vehicles Zastava made. It features the two main Zastava models the Koral In & Florida.

1988 Yugo GV - Hemmings

This Yugo is rather clean and tidy. The Aspen White finish still remains shiny and the interior is spotless. Custom black wheels with black emblem add a touch of individuality. The car is missing its cigarette lighter and rear wiper. The vehicle is for sale on the link will be below. As always thanks for watching! P.S the price may scare some away but it is negotiable. I was even more amazed the car is a daily driver with over 80,000 miles.

Yugo in Good Luck Charlie Its Christmas

Because of this movie i found out of Yugo's existence. The movie is rather funny but a bit over the top. I mean a car doesn't travel 10 mph for no reason like that, ...

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! - Yugo Scene

Amy and Teddy are trying to make their way to Palm Springs to meet up with the rest of the family on vacation. They go to a garage, the guy sells them a Yugo for $50. I do find it bizarre how Amy asks Teddy what's Serbian for headlight? Its a American market car so surely the owners manual is in English. Yugo's didn't come with glovebox's either so that must of being something the guy at the garage installed.

Yugo Cars For Sale on Craigslist - August 2016

These cars may sell without me knowing but i will check the links every couple of days. Haven't done one of these in a while hope you enjoy. Links to the ads will ...

1987 Yugo GV With 45,000 Miles

A lovely cherry red GV with low miles. Very original and clean. Still wearing the original "Yugo for life - Buckle up" window sticker.

The Edmunds 1989 Yugo GVL is for Auction / Closes: 24 Aug 16

Well most vehicles on the Edmunds long term fleet are only kept for roughly a year, so after the Edmunds crew enjoying the car for 13 months it is now on a ...

Abandoned 1987 Yugo GV Sport in Virginia

A very interesting car with the sport decals and it even appears this one has different wheels and trims. This one would of had a radio from the dealer but this is ...

1990 Yugo Cabrio

This Cabrio has a few little sporty modifications such as a rev counter and sport style gear shifter. Don't forget that twin exhaust at the back. It seems most Cabrio's have been well preserved like this.

I got the carpets on my Yugo professionally cleaned!

As some of you may know I'm restoring a Yugo of my own. For a few months I have being trying to clean the carpets as they were dirty and moldy. The reason ...

1990 Yugo Cabrio - Immaculate Museum Condition Car

The last photo is of this Cabrio and a yellow Cabrio and a 88 GVX. For more like this subscribe! Thanks for watching.

1988 Yugo GVX With 24000 Miles #2

Following up from the first video (link further down). The car has since being thoroughly cleaned, the pictures in this video were at a local car show.

Amazing Classic Yugo Collection

Enjoy! ~Zastava & Yugo Cars

1988 Yugo GVX

Fairly clean and rust free example.

1977 Zastava 1300

Bright orange delight, a 1977 model with a big beefy 1300cc engine and a rather low 55000 kms on the clock.

1989 Yugo GV With 37000 Miles

Car is in overall okay condition. This is probably one of the last GV's before the GV Plus came into showrooms in mid 1990. It has the optional hubcaps and am/fm cassette stereo system. The paint could do with a tidy up, put cut and polish could do this!

Immaculate Like New 1991 Yugo GV Plus 1.3 EFI Manual

This car has sat in storage 99% of its life, so as expected it's in brand new condition with only 1,300 Miles on the clock. Check it out on Craigslist now!

1999 Zastava Poly Pick-Up 1300cc

A very nice and tidy Poly, this is rare as most are put to tough commercial work and get a good run. This one has American market wheel trims which adds a nice touch, as well as a bigger 1300cc engine. Also look at that interior, factory fresh with no wear!

1986 Yugo GV - Beautiful Beige

This GV is really clean and tidy, also very original. Not really a common sight to see one on the road let alone in museum condition and to top it all off it has low miles.

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